Master Jean Ryan Hakizimana

I am Painter, Art Teacher, Author, Editor, Producer and Movie Maker. My trysts with art commenced at an early age as I honed my skills in sketching and painting. My parents were always supportive and encouraging of my need for creative expression.


It has always been my passion to paint and run my own art studio and gallery space. A good number of my paintings have sold nationally and worldwide, from exhibitions both in my studio and across the country. National and international media has also featured my work and many of my paintings have even been used as book covers by eminent authors.


I also strongly believe in giving back to the art community that has given me so much happiness. I regularly give morning and evening classes, all year round for all skill levels, even taking in work students from neighbouring colleges and universities.

My Paintings

My paintings are an expression of the beauty, harmony and spirit of the world. Each element in my every painting is carefully deliberated and reflects feeling, sensitivity, passion, and music from the soul. As I have grown and evolved as an artist, my work has become more and more an extension of my being. I can best express myself through the simple synchronization of colours and shapes.

The colours in the world inspire me more than the plain object. I believe it is the colours that convey and arouse feeling and emotion. It is a depth of feeling I want my observer to understand.

What is my art about?

There is beauty inherent in our very existence. It is many a time not recognized. Sunsets, Sunrises, Landscapes are my excuse to turn blank canvases alive with vibrant scenes; my palette and brushes are my tools to express the colours, energy and absolute splendor of what exists.

I have been complimented on my unique background motifs and have always been asked what they represent. The answer is that they are simply my interpretation of the energy fields that surround us and that make up our very existence. The art is designed to spark a re-connection between you and the magnificence of nature. Every moment offers us a chance to see life in a beautiful joyous way.

My abstract work

It can be whatever the viewer perceives it to be. The piece then becomes a unique interpretation of the observer, a silent understanding that makes him a part of it. I like to think of my art as expressing an otherwise unexpressed part of myself. Experiences cannot be expressed. They are deep-rooted feelings, thoughts, dreams and emotions flowing from my mind to the paint on my brush.